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Turning Roadblocks into Roadmaps

Who uses myEdGPS?

When children have options, parents have peace of mind, and their employers profit.

Half of today’s workforce provides care for children — 20% with special or exceptional needs. 12% enrolled in health plans account for 50% of the costs. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Smart health care cost reduction through myEdGPS means a win for employers and working parents.

After high quality instruction, strong parent involvement does more to improve student achievement than any other intervention.

myEdGPS can help schools satisfy family and community engagement standards, while also building a bridge across what has historically been a moat of mistrust.

Your child shouldn’t have to fail first...

More than 19 million children in the US struggle day-to-day in education. As parents/family members you want to know you are giving them the very best shot at success, however defined. myEdGPS provides the toolkit for you to take charge.